About US

Warregold is comprised of foundation bloodlines of the Australian Stock Horse - a lot of care was taken to select our broodmare stock selecting on genetics, athletism and temperament.

We strive to breed horses with exceptional temperaments and athletic ability ensuring progeny that is willing and able to continue on with, to create opportunity in any horse discipline. 

Warregold - Breeding for Opportunity

Warregold Australian Stock Horse Stud, established 1997, is a business venture owned and operated by Steven and Ursula Keating of Warregold Pty Ltd. Steven and Ursula started off their stud with nothing and gradually over the years built up their bloodstock with high profile breeding.

Steven and Ursula are extremely proud of their achievements and are now looking forward to the future opportunities and growing their equine business. As well as demonstrating high aspirations they are well grounded with a strong sense of community. This is probably one of the main reasons why in 2007 Steven was one of 34 rural Australians selected to take part in the renowned Australian Rural Leadership Program (www.rural-leaders.com.au)

Steve and Ursula are strong supporters of the Queensland Cancer Council and are committed to fundraising and education programs in their area.

Our horses Our passion

Warregold Stockhorses

Our horses are our passion and our lifeblood. For us horses are our recreation and livelihood. We have devoted our lives to our goal of breeding the best for maximum opportunity.

Steven and Ursula have also taken a further bold step through promoting their Australian Stock Horses and associated skills through their export company, Wedgetail Exports Pty Ltd. With a distinct passion for the breed and its rich history, Steven and Ursula have embarked upon a journey to promote to the world Australia’s best kept equine secret, the versatile Australian Stock Horse.

Our Directors: Steven and Ursula

Prior to establishing the business Ursula enjoyed a career in the Australian veterinary industry. She has studied at degree level in Animal Studies specializing in equine and recreational animals at the University of Queensland. She is currently the Stud Principal of Warregold Australian Stock Horse Stud (est. 1997), farming manager of Warregold Pty Ltd, and Director of Wedgetail Exports. Ursula specialises in animal nutrition and is also an external consultant for Warregold Pty Ltd.

Steven is passionate about Australia’s outback and bush heritage and has spent time working in isolated communities of Cape York, Queensland and the Kimberley region of Western Australia. He has a degree in Community Development from the University of Queensland. Steven is currently a participant in the prestigious Australian Rural Leadership Program whereby Australia’s potential future rural leaders are recognized and supported. He is also an accredited agronomist, University of Queensland Gatton College, and is responsible for the production of high quality maximum nutrition fodder for Warregold Australian Stock Horse Stud and Wedgetail Exports.

The combined experience of Ursula and Steven ensures that high quality nutrition is grown and built in to their stud’s feed regime (as they say ‘it’s the feeding that makes the breeding’). This unique combined experience in diverse agricultural industries has positioned them well to achieve their goals.

Warregold Values

Honesty, integrity, independence, friendly and timely service are key values of Warregold.

We pride ourselves on developing long-term relationships, where we respect and complement the experience of clients. Our best advertising is ‘word of mouth’ and our reputation is paramount.

Our business dealings remain confidential and integrity on this matter is regarded as vital. We take pride in work well done and enjoy the value this brings to our clients.

We value our professional and leadership roles within the Equine Industry, Australian Agriculture and the Local Community, and continue to make an altruistic commitment of time and energy wherever possible.

Our services are offered on a regional, state and national basis, and overseas as requested.

Warregold Vision

Industry leadership combined with quality breeding creating a high profile of the Australian Stock Horse both in Australia and throughout the world.

Warregold Mission

To demonstrate and promote the versatility of our Australian Stock Horses

Exhibit the rich qualities of the Australian Stock Horse and the advantages of the breed that make it one of the finest in the world.

To demonstrate Warregold services and products as world class.

Warregold Objectives

To breed the best of the best – ‘To make our brand the benchmark of quality’

Build and develop successful and sustainable business linkages within Australia and internationally

Demonstrate our leadership within the Australian equine industry

Promote the export potential of the Australian Horse Industry

Promote Australia’s rich equine and bush heritage

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